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Franchise Into Russia

IFG is proud to partner with, offering in-country representation at the Moscow trade show Sept. 21-23, 2010. For optimal exposure among thousands of attendees, contact us. High consumer demand for Western goods and services exists throughout Russia. This high-demand, furthermore, remains underserved. These current conditions create an ideal environment for non-Russian brands. Most Russian adults were deprived of American goods, elevating the status of those who can purchase them. Savvy Franchisors recognize these factors as ideal conditions to launch in Russia. Major corporations recognize these opportunities. Companies that were able to navigate the fiscal, cultural, and legislative waters of this region have been rewarded. In January 2010, Burger King announced its affiliation with a major restaurant Operator and will open numerous units in Moscow then St. Petersburg.

Moscow, alone, is home to 13 million consumers ready for the day-to-day goods and services the West enjoys and often takes for granted.

Franchisors, now competing ferociously in saturated markets, may find monopoly-type conditions in all regions of Russia.

Legislation and reporting requirements in Russia pursuant to franchising differ in many aspects from the United States. Though Uniform Franchise Offering Circulars are not required, many aspects of Franchisor liability are wholly different from those in the West. Additionally, laws are amended continually.

IFG successfully delivers

• Franchise Agreements
•Outsourced resources: legal and trademark registration
•On-the-ground staffing, dedicated to promoting your brand

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