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Facts For Franchisors

Savvy businesses know that international expansion, strategically timed into targeted markets is a lucrative option. Previously closed to theWestern world, the vast potential in the markets of Russia, Central and Eastern Europe is now available and cost-effective to enter.

The possibilities of expanding the marketplace for your branded goods and services to a far grander stage worldwide can be incredibly intoxicating. Revenue growth potential remains enormous. International expansion, strategically timed and geographically targeted, offers lucrative opportunities. English-speaking investors are wisely turning their attention to the vast potential markets in Russia and Central and Eastern Europe.

However, success domestically doesn't always translate into success abroad, a lesson learned at great expense by some. To compete internationally, cultural nuances and tastes must be understood, foreign regulations must be satisfied and execution and delivery of your products must be carefully managed.

Franchising internationally, especially into parts of Central and Eastern Europe and Russia, is a complicated process. To succeed, new franchisors in these areas need deft guidance by franchising insiders experienced in the region. The International Franchising Group, LLC is uniquely qualified to offer the expertise required in these rapidly developing countries. Our proven capabilities in franchising to these specialized markets set us apart.

Contact IFG to discover how to succeed in international franchising.

"Wherever smart people work, doors are unlocked."
- Steve Wozniak, Cofounder of Apple Computer